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Are  you facing any of these real estate situations and
need to sell your house?
We have helped sellers in Austin and other Texas cities, in
every conceivable situation, solve their real estate problems.

Give us the opportunity and we will help you get rid of the
hassle of selling your house so that you can get on with
your life.
We don't want to list your
We want to buy it!

I Buy All Texas Homes
We are not real
estate agents nor are
we affiliated with any
real estate agency.
There are NEVER
any fees,
commissions or
other charges to you.
Sell Your House Fast with Absolutely
You want to sell.

We want to buy.

We can close fast,
without ANY cost to you!
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We have heard many reasons people need to sell a house fast.
Sometimes they are happy reasons, and sometimes they are not. In
the event that you have little to no equity in your home we want you
to know that you still have options that will help preserve your credit
so you can start fresh.

The best option when you need to get rid of a piece of real estate is
to sell it privately. Unfortunately its a big world and with so many
houses to choose from it is hard to find the right buyer fast. When
you need to sell fast and call a professional real estate investor like
ourselves you will get a written offer quickly and if you decide to
accept it, the transaction will move quickly because we have bought
and sold hundreds of houses. We are not concerned with repairs,
appraisals, inspections, mortgages or any of the other nonsense a
regular home buyer will put you through.
We try and keep it simple so we can both have a WIN-WIN situation
You have options
Contact us now.
We usually close in 5-7 days but we can
close in as little as 72 hrs